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40 stations in Moscow!

... RAT 1 & 2 (Russian American Theatre Project) -- theatre?

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... I wanted to understand. Life around me, only later - myself.

Not anymore.

I do not have (writer's) notebooks. I lost interest to "their" life long ago. Since I left Moscow?

I have no time to understand myself!

... Do I need to?

No, I was told long ago not to do it. Get yourself a camera.

And shoot.

What video?


It's wonder that I keep writing at all.

... why?

ALL kino/video [ru] references are there! List, references...

KINO is the project I began after writing Book of Fool (RU and US)

I wish I could shool it -- video-pages.

Maybe, animation?


From kino

Вторая страница (глава) о живых картинках -- "Русский Мир" источников.

И следом -- книга? "КИНО" ? 2009 & "dreams of others" * Watch me -- The КИНОЛОГ, b(.)(.)k

"" -- [en/ru]

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... video dictionary/glossary ?

film600, again?

fool plus
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... and what did you expect? page?


... "Bumer" -- "gansta neo-realism," professionals are not wanted. (left)

... and I didn't like Eisenstein!

[ need to read the critics to continue ]

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What I didn't see... and perhaps shouldn't know about it?
... Here it is -- "Fool 2.0"!

KINO : "New Russian Cinema" (after Y2K)

"2008" pages [ru] :

hero & idiot

... история кончилась, началась кино-история. А ты, а еще программист, думал, что кончилось все телевидением! Здравствуйте, меня зовут Интернет.

Такая вот история.

Что же теперь будет?

А ничего. В этом и фокус.

Зачем история дураку? Достаточно одной видимости (истории).

2007 files -- American Fools (compare)

Formula [movies]

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Read Film Analysis [class] pages --

"Russian Eastern" ?


[video is gone ] "Bumer" [ Bummer? car? ]

Love for criminals and love of criminals.


Why do they need the world? They, Russians, are in love with themself!

How different are they?

... West with the Asian habits?

What is the end of this romance?

Does it really matter?

... Here it is, your Utopia -- have it!

TV is on always.

... Голоса.



Советское кино оказалось "человеческим"! А, вспомнили о "духовности", к которой призывала партия! От духовности до душевности один шаг.

А пришла "бездуховность"?

"Наша Раша" пришла. Не тайные, а откровенные пошляки.

Зачем писать об этом?

Какое мне дело?

А пишу.

Не понимаю.

И смотрю.


my "video diary"?

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